A Coworking Space in Alvalade, the Innovation District of Lisbon

Kübe Coworking is located in Alvalade, a neighborhood that seamlessly blends tradition with modernity, offering a unique and enriching experience to both residents and businesses in the vibrant city of Lisbon.

Kübe Coworking Espaço de Coworking Alvalade Lisboa Portugal
Kübe Coworking Espaço de Coworking Alvalade Lisboa Portugal

The Innovation District of Lisbon

Kübe Coworking | Coworking Space in Alvalade, Lisbon

In recent years, Alvalade has emerged as the dynamic epicenter of innovation in the heart of Lisbon, transforming into a vibrant hub for forward-thinking businesses, startups, and creative minds. Kübe Coworking proudly calls this innovative district home, and we are excited to share the story of Alvalade's evolution into Lisbon's premier destination for cutting-edge ideas and groundbreaking collaborations.

Alvalade has become a magnet for startups and Web3 ventures, fostering a thriving ecosystem that embraces innovation and disruption. The neighborhood is teeming with coworking spaces, incubators, and accelerators, creating an environment where like-minded professionals can collaborate, exchange ideas, and propel their businesses to new heights. Kübe Coworking stands at the forefront of this movement, offering a dynamic workspace that caters to the diverse needs of innovative enterprises.

Situated strategically within Lisbon, Alvalade's connectivity is a key driver of its success as an innovation district. With easy access to major transportation hubs, including metro lines and highways, businesses in Alvalade enjoy seamless connectivity to the broader city and beyond. This accessibility enhances collaboration and allows for a fluid exchange of ideas and talents, making it an ideal location for companies looking to thrive in the digital age.

Alvalade, the heart of Lisbon

Beyond its business-centric atmosphere, Alvalade offers a well-rounded lifestyle that complements the demands of the modern workforce. The neighborhood boasts a diverse array of cultural and recreational amenities, from art galleries and theaters to green spaces and trendy cafes. This unique combination of work and leisure contributes to a holistic and inspiring experience for professionals and entrepreneurs alike.

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Kübe Coworking is located in Alvalade, one of the 20 coolest neighborhoods in the world, according to Timeout magazine.

Alvalade is one of the few neighborhoods that over the years kept Lisbon’s spirit, but has become modern at the same time. Being central and easily accessible by public transportation (10min from Airport), it is filled with local businesses, residential buildings, and more recently office spaces.

With more and more companies and freelancers moving in every month, a modern business hub is growing in Alvalade, and soon it will be one of Lisbon’s most interesting spots for the ecosystem of work.

Discover Alvalade

Explorie the various businesses, attractions, and amenities that Alvalade has to offer.

  • Restaurants & Cafés

    • Os Courenses
    • Dom Feijão
    • Salsa e Coentros
    • Pomar de Alvalade
    • Tico Tico
    • Churrasqueira Rio de Mel
    • O Prego da Peixaria
    • Tasco Force
    • Isco
    • Pastelaria Carcassonne
    • Pastelaria Fermenta
    • Conchanata
    • Manteigaria
    • Frutalmeidas
    • A Padaria Portuguesa
    • O Luís
    • LOCAL
    • The Therapist
  • Fitness Centers & Gyms

    • CrossFit Alvalade
    • Time To Fitness 24
    • CAPLX
    • Fitness Hut
    • Magic Form
    • Supera Areeiro
    • Brooklyn Fit Boxing
    • BHOUT
    • Holmes Place
  • Cultural & Entertainment Venues

    • A11 Galleries
    • Galeria Quadrum
    • Balcony Gallery
    • Galeria Quadrado Azul
    • Galeria Vera Cortês
    • Cinema City
    • Alvaláxia
    • Sala de Cinema Fernando Lopes
    • Teatro Maria Matos
    • Museu de Lisboa
    • Museu Bordalo Pinheiro
  • Local Markets & Shopping

    • Mercado de Alvalade
    • Centro Comercial Alvalade
    • Charcutaria Riviera
    • A Mariazinha
    • Dois Dedos de Conserva
    • Gleba
    • ArtesanaLis Bottle Shop
    • Maria Granel
    • Hype Market
    • Bagas & Sementes
    • Armazéns do Minho
  • Outdoor & Recreational Spaces

    • Jardim José Gomes Ferreira
    • Jardim Mário Soares
    • Mata de Alvalade
    • Parque de Jogos 1º de Maio
    • Jardim e Parque Hortícola
    • Aquilino Ribeiro Machado

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