Kickoff World Cup '22 Qatar

Kickoff World Cup '22 Qatar

The Kübe community eagerly gathered together to watch the 2022 World Cup games as one big family! Throughout the highly anticipated sporting event, we transformed our coworking space into a vibrant hub for cheering, celebrating, and embracing the spirit of football.

With strategically positioned big screens and an electrifying atmosphere, each match became an exciting and unforgettable experience. People from diverse backgrounds and cultures came together, united by their passion for the sport, creating an infectious energy within our premises.

Shared smiles and hugs, joyful shouts with every goal scored, and animated discussions about the best plays were just a few of the precious interactions that strengthened the bonds of our community.

Regardless of the teams our members supported, the sportsmanship and sense of togetherness prevailed. And, of course, to make the experience even more special, we prepared a selection of snacks and refreshing beverages for everyone to enjoy while they immersed themselves in the tournament’s excitement.

Watching the 2022 World Cup at Kübe was much more than witnessing football games; it was an opportunity to celebrate diversity, friendship, and shared joy within our community.

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