Coworking Private Tables for Companies & Teams

With access to all the coworking amenities of our space, the private tables are a dynamic solution for companies and hybrid teams that want to have a common working space for their members.

Kübe Coworking Lisboa | Mesas de Trabalho Privadas para Empresas e Equipas
Kübe Coworking Lisboa | Mesas de Trabalho Privadas para Empresas e Equipas
Kübe Coworking Lisboa | Mesas de Trabalho Privadas para Empresas e Equipas
  • Private Tables

    Fully Dedicated Tables in Our Coworking

    Coworking Memberships:

    Flexible: 1/5/10 days a month – ideal for remote teams and companies
    • Premium Meeting Rooms of the coworking

    • Silent Pod Available

    Key Features:
    • Professional Setup: a comfortable office chair on the coworking with convenient outlets to keep your devices charged
    • Spacious shared table
    • High Speed Internet (1000/200 Mbps)

    Meetings and Calls:
    • Free Access to Phonebooths: no booking needed!
    • Free Access to Standard Rooms: easy online booking
    • Premium Meeting Rooms available
    • Host an event in our flexible areas

  • What's Included

    Kübe Coworking Membership
    • Unlimited Free Coffee, Infused Waters, and Tea.
    • Fruit and Healthy Snacks Everyday.
    • Sports & Well-Being Activities: Weekly Football, Yoga, etc.
    • Free Access to All Community Meetups (WEB3/AI) and Parties.

    The Coworking Space:
    • Focus-Friendly: Quiet spots for deep work
    • Plants everywhere! Outdoor area where Industrial meets Bali
    Location: Alvalade (5 mins to metro), non-touristic neighbourhood

    Community Vibes:
    • Open Mind and Future-centric community
    • Community of Independent workers
    • Mostly Tech and Creative focus

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Private Tables at Kübe

Immerse your remote teams in the ultimate workspace experience with Kübe Coworking's Private Islands.

Offering fully private workspaces at Kübe Coworking open space, these islands are perfect for remote teams seeking a flexible arrangement. Choose from memberships that cater to your team's needs, whether it's 1, 5, or 10 days a month. Your dedicated workspace comes with a professional setup, featuring a comfortable office chair, a spacious shared table, and convenient outlets to keep your devices charged. Benefit from high-speed internet (1000/200 Mbps) to ensure seamless connectivity.

In addition to the private island, enjoy access to premium meeting rooms and the availability of a silent pod for focused work. For meetings and calls, take advantage of free access to phone booths with no booking required. Standard meeting rooms are easily bookable online, while premium meeting rooms offer an elevated setting for important discussions. Host your events in Kübe's flexible areas, providing a dynamic backdrop for gatherings.

With Kübe Membership, your team gains unlimited free coffee, infused waters, tea, and a daily supply of fruit and healthy snacks. Engage in sports and well-being activities, including weekly football and yoga sessions. Access all community meetups, with a focus on WEB3 and AI, as well as exciting parties. The workspace is thoughtfully designed with focus-friendly quiet spots for deep work, abundant plants throughout, and an outdoor area where industrial aesthetics meet a touch of Bali. Located in the non-touristic Alvalade neighborhood, just 5 minutes from the metro, Kübe Coworking provides a community-centric and future-focused environment, making it an ideal hub for independent tech and creative teams.