Meeting Rooms in a Coworking Space in Lisbon, Portugal

With rooms ready to host any team from 2 to 30 people, Kübe Coworking has the perfect meeting room for all your needs. Located in Alvalade, in the city center of Lisbon, it is just a 5-minute ride from the airport to Kübe Coworking.

Kübe Coworking Lisboa | Salas de Reunião em Espaço de Coworking
Kübe Coworking Lisboa | Salas de Reunião em Espaço de Coworking
Kübe Coworking Lisboa | Salas de Reunião em Espaço de Coworking
  • Meeting Rooms

    Diverse Meeting Spaces to Fit All Group Sizes


    From single-person meeting rooms to up to 30 person, we got you covered

    Key Features:
    • Professional Setup: fully equipped with TVs, flipcharts, whiteboards, projector, and more.
    • Adaptable furniture
    • High Speed Internet (1000/200 Mbps)

  • What's Included

    KÜBE Perks for Company Events
    • Free Coffee, Infused Waters, and Tea.
    • Fruit and Healthy Snacks

    The Spaces:
    • Presentation-ready meeting rooms
    • Quiet areas
    • Plants everywhere! Outdoor area with Industrial meets Bali vibe
    Location: Alvalade (5 mins to metro), non-touristic neighbourhood; 7 min from the Airport

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Meeting Rooms at Kübe

Unlock the potential of seamless collaboration with Kübe Coworking's diverse meeting spaces tailored to accommodate all group sizes.

From intimate single-person meeting rooms to spacious setups accommodating up to 30 individuals, our meeting rooms are designed to meet your specific needs. Enjoy a professional setup in every room, fully equipped with TVs, flipcharts, whiteboards, projectors, and more. The adaptable furniture allows you to customize the space according to your requirements, ensuring a productive and comfortable environment.

High-speed internet (1000/200 Mbps) is at your disposal to facilitate smooth digital interactions, whether it's for presentations, video conferences, or collaborative discussions. Kübe goes the extra mile for your company events by offering complimentary coffee, infused waters, tea, and a selection of fruit and healthy snacks to keep your team energized and focused.

Immerse yourself in a variety of meeting spaces, including presentation-ready meeting rooms equipped for impactful discussions, quiet areas for focused work or smaller gatherings, and lush green outdoor areas where industrial aesthetics meet a touch of Bali. Located in the non-touristic Alvalade neighborhood, just 5 minutes from the metro and a short 7-minute drive from the airport, Kübe Coworking provides a strategic and vibrant setting for your meetings.